Full-process & half-process assembly capability

 Tech capability     |      2019-06-04 15:03

We can uphold the concept of serving customers.We regard customers as gods.And we added screen printing machine, pad printing machine, laser engraving machine, hot melt machine, nut machine, and two assembly lines.
Cooperation Process:
1. Free product development:According to the customer's ideas or sketches, our company  organizes the professional designers to receive them.And according to the their creativity,  we communicate with customers in many ways,  and develop the free products. We form a design engineering document with complete product processing. And provide a complete BOM list file.
2. Mould development and processing: After the customer's hand board or image file is confirmed, we will enter the mould design and processing flow.
a. Material purchase: According to the estimated product quantity and product appearance structure and post-processing, select different mould materials and mould base. The quality of the products required by the customer with the least cost. No waste,and high quality.
b. Mould processing: The company has advanced high-speed machining centers, wire cutting, precision spark machines, lathes, grinding machines, milling machines, drilling machines and other processing equipment. According to the product requirements, choose the appropriate processing method, and complete the assembly and test.
3. Mould test review: After the product test, according to the product test situation and sample  test  report and  sample test, communicate and report with the customer, confirming the quality and requirements of product , and  the sample.
4. Modification and improvement of the mould: According to the test report, improve the modification of the mould. Testing again and  processing the surface to achieve the quality of the customer's need and confirm that.
5. Injection molding: The company has the first injection molding machine, check the quality of the mould and test the appropriate process parameters, complete the injection molding of the product, check the packing. After removing the nozzle, the quality of the injection mould parts shall be checked, and the semi-finished products shall be packed and packed in semi-finished products, and transfer to the next process; the unqualified products shall be collected and recovered.
6. Product surface treatment
7. Complete the assembly
8. Ship to the customer.