Our company founded in 2013, has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of precision molds, precision injection molding and assembly . In the fierce competition, our company's  colleagues deeply understand that only reasonable prices, superior quality and stable delivery are the prerequisites for the confidence and common development of our customers. Our customers rely on strength and quality to gain the reputation! We have a variety of plastic mold design and manufacturing experience, to achieve a standardized enterprise management model, our factory's area is ​​15,000 square meters, and has 238 employees.We are the professional mold development and design; injection molding product development and production, fuel injection, assembly surface treatment packaging as the plastic product technology enterprises.
       We have accumulated a wealth of technical experience, so that customers are satisfied with  the product quality, technical support and after-sales service . We have strong technical force , perfect equipment ,trial production, and one-stop service and a team of precise molds with development and design,. We have a variety of private models and 1000+ mold design experience; we can fully understand the product characteristics of various industries. To provide customers with excellent mold selection services. Using automatic scheduling, the schedule is automatically adjusted in time, and it is always known whether it affects the customer delivery period and ensures that the machine utilization rate (load rate) is the highest. Our comprehensive technical content continues to increase and the mold manufacturing cycle continues to shrink. And can produce a large number of different types of metal molds, for the transfer , tensile , single , robotic transfer, cast iron and the production of molds are exported to Japan and Germany, Spain, Czech, France, Turkey, Canada, The United States, Mexico, Brazil and other European and American regions.