We have a strong technical team, and establish and recognize goals, ideas, rules, priorities, and orderly, unified views, unified concepts. The core of our team spirit lies in cooperation, mutual trust, mutual help, and a desire to go to one place.
The following is our efficient team consisting of:
      1.Business Management: Customer Management, Specification Management (DFX), Estimated Quotation Management, Order Management, and Change Management;
      2.Design management: image file management (CTD / DDC), bill of materials management (BOM), CAD software interface;
      3.Department management: project management, work order management, process and scheduling management (MAPA), dispatch management, quality management (IQC/IPQC), on-site management;
      4.Inventory management: receiving / returning materials management, out / storage management, transfer and inventory management;
      5.Purchasing management: supplier management, outsourcing management, requisition management, procurement management;
      6. Trial mode management (TRO): PSI, TIR, TVR, MPI;
      7.Human Resource Management (HRS): including organizational structure, authority allocation, attendance management, and salary management;
      8.asic configuration module: the company's calendar settings, signing definitions, materials, processes, currency definitions, etc. are initialized according to the actual situation of the company.

Our team has the following characteristics:
       Strong team execution : fast, accurate, sturdy, and resolute. Commands must be executed unconditionally, and the results are united, swift, sensitive, and quick to the military.
       Strong team communication: Team leaders often organize meetings when everyone's time allows, to communicate the progress of all technical staff and the methods of emergency and emergency response.
       Good team atmosphere : the relationship between the upper and lower levels is easy, and the work style can be adjusted flexibly and conveniently at any time in the work. Even if the work is different and the experience is different, it can still be discussed in full swing. Everyone can give comments.
       The team's comprehensive ability comes from the reasonable allocation of team members' expertise. Only by creating a suitable atmosphere and incentive system, constantly encourages and stimulates team members to fully express themselves and maximize their individual potential.
        We firmly believe that the failed team has no success, and the successful team has achieved everyone! Gather the team, focus on the goal, create endless possibilities for the dream!