Our company has high attainments and leading technologies in the development of mold products, mold processing, injection molding production, product appearance and other technical research. It is the first pass the ISO9001:2015 quality management system in the industry  and pass the certification. More than 800 sets of molds per year, equipped with international leading design software, greatly improve the reliability and stability of mold design. High degree of specialization and strong technical force, there are 28 sets of mold processing equipment. Highly concerned about product quality, using advanced high-precision testing equipment, in strict accordance with the international inspection operation guidance, the professional quality engineer team guarantees the high-end quality of mold injection. The quality control system runs through all aspects of mold selection , process development,injection molding ,product spraying, and the quality control system is perfect.
       The department adopts 5S management system. The site has plastic waste loss tracking and mold damage tracking.THhe whole factoryt uses the warehouse automation management system; the department has a central computer room to display and check the whole department's processing technology, quality, output, day, week and  the month report, etc., product and defective  of tracking.
       More than 80% of our mold steel production is produced by vacuum refining and electroslag remelting. The purity and isotropic of steel are high and mold steel yield is 85%-90%
       The parts are high, the repairing amount is low, the overall mold failure rate is high, and the stability is high.
       The processing equipment of the mold is advanced, and it is basically a high-speed machining machine with numerical control, high-speed cutting, one-way wire cutting or 4-axis-5-axis linkage.
       The mold products all pass reliability test, weather resistance test, life test, 3D test of main part shape and post-assembly shape. These important data provide a very important basis for product replacement.